Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise computing has witnessed a steady increase over the past few years. With the advent of the Web, automation and integration of business and computer operations has become imperative. The primary challenge faced by organizations today is of integrating different applications and database systems across various functions and departments.


GreenByte's EAI Framework enables Telecom Service Providers to achieve seamless business and process level integration among their BSS and OSS applications GreenByte’s EAI service focuses on integrating new software modules or applications with the existing system in a company’s IT department.


GreenByte helps organizations by integrating applications and enterprise data sources to easily share business processes and data. Integrating these applications and data sources is accomplished without making significant changes to the existing applications and data.


Business Benefits

GreenByte's EAI solutions can help organizations realize an architecture that is able to achieve real time process integration between its disparate applications, while allowing end-to-end automated business processes. GreenByte's EAI offerings have been instrumental for organizations to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and provide customers with better products and services. Following are some of the key benefits that have been derived by the leading telecom service providers across the world:

  • Reduce the time to develop and implement solutions
  • Increase revenue through rapid go-to-market offerings
  • Retain customers by more effective process management
  • Improve market share by launching innovative products and services
  • Increase agility to meet the dynamic business needs
  • Utilize existing systems and people in a cost-effective manner
  • Reduce operational costs by automating manual/semi-manual processes
  • Improve cash flow by better credit management and integrated Order Management and Billing processes


GreenByte's EAI Offerings


  • Systems and Process Analysis
  • Integration Strategy
  • Solution Architecture
  • System Design

GreenByte offers a full range of Consulting services to help analyze your business requirements for effective implementation of software solutions.


Our Consulting services emphasize our holistic approach in solving clients' business and IT problems, flexibility around the vendor/client relationship, pricing and packaging, the ability to assist in corporate transformation and agility, as well as commitment to creativity and innovation.


Project Lifecycle Services

  • Low Level Design
  • Development and Migration
  • Configurations and Customizations
  • Functional and Stress Testing
  • Performance Tuning


Our solutions ensure addition of any new system or application to the existing architecture causes minimum disruption to the existing systems. This allows an organization to effectively implement real time integration of applications along with business process modeling and management. GreenByte also ensures that existing systems and data stores are exposed as reusable business services, and can then be orchestrated as a new business process with minimal modifications to the underlying systems.


We are partners with industry leading EAI vendors such as TIBCO, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft and have expertise in a wide range of EAI tools and technologies produced by them.


Our SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Practice

GreenByte’s SOA helps break down the barriers between isolated and inflexible applications by making them available as discreet business services to the interfacing systems -.leading to an improvement in interoperability. It also enables an organization to achieve loose coupling among interacting software agents. Organizations can then orchestrate services as part of processes that span not only internal departments but also supplier and trading partners for B2B scenarios.


GreenByte has a dedicated SOA Lab for the creation of reusable project frameworks and components which are built on industry standards like eTOM and NGOSS. This Lab is used to showcase real life end-to-end solutions and proven EAI methodologies, thereby reducing risks and improving ROI.


The R&D work conducted in this Lab provides the following immediate benefits to customers:

  • Innovative solutions
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Business & IT working together
  • Making IT more responsive to changing business needs


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