Portal & UI/UX Design

Our Web designing team at GreenByte specializes in UI/UX with unique homepage layout and flash interface designs.


Initially the web designers focused more on creating beautiful designs with a sole purpose of making the web-site attractive. As the internet evolved, this focus gradually shifted from attractiveness towards usability of websites as the websites became interactive, an extensive part of current web trend i.e. web 2.0, transforming the passive viewers into active users.


The new age websites are completely user centric. People hate wasting their time on flashy, clingy web pages that take minutes to load. The average time spent by users on a webpage is largely determined today by its quality of interaction with its users. Hence UI UX design has become the most important factor in today’s world.


Yet in no ways it can be attractiveness-usability tradeoff. Instead it is attractiveness plus usability which brings in the synergy. Today user interface designs are well supported with web user experience giving a meaningful direction to head towards the successful project completion.


Being an interactive Web UI Design company, we believe in working with you rather than working for you, while we design your online presence. The project concept gets initialized from you and together we do everything to take it up to the next level.


We always aspire for high quality designs for bringing in the ultimate user experience in every project we do. We insist on requirement analysis since it helps us move in the right direction and bring in the awesomeness you are looking for.


We are keen on understanding your brand and its target users. We enable your visitors to connect with you right at their first interaction with your brand by creating the perfect look and feel you expect out of our designs.

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Please submit your project request using contact forms or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing any business sensitive information.



Our consultant will contact you to clarify your project requirements to elaborate and propose the optimal technical and business solution.



Having clarified the requirements we will provide our proposal and will be glad to provide any clarifications required and adjust the proposal through negotiation process.