Data Warehousing

Does your company have a large volume of data stored in different databases within your organization?

Are minor changes to your production system causing major impact on your reporting system?

Are you confident with the quality of your data?


Our specialized focus on data quality is to ensure that high quality data is delivered to you for your decision making.


The need of a data warehousing solution

Most companies expect that transaction processing systems will complete their tasks in an acceptable time. If reports and queries run on the transaction server, they will occupy server processing resources and increase the transaction processing time beyond acceptable limits. The best way to avoid this situation is to implement a data warehousing solution.


Since data warehousing solutions have data models which are not appropriate for transaction servers to work efficiently, it makes more sense to implement data warehouses on separate servers, rather than to compromise querying as well as transactions.


Using a data warehousing solution significantly reduces the complexity of queries you will have to make, thus making it possible for less technical knowledgeable resources to query your systems, bringing down your operating costs.


A data warehousing solution is more suited for storing historical data than a transaction processing system. It is also more suitable to use a data warehouse for data security issues, since queries for information may go through open networks as well.

GreenByte data warehousing solution includes:



Utilize our MS SQL Server ETL skill to extract data from varied production systems, transform and load data into your data warehouse.


Dimension Modeling

Design a data model that seamlessly integrates with your reporting and analysis tool.


Data Quality

Build up your data asset by keeping your data clean.


Benefits of GreenByte Data Warehousing Solution

Our flexible development process can accommodate changes in business requirement which are crucial to the sustenance of a data warehouse.

  • Easier reporting and analysis of information for your sales invoices, order receipts, general ledger charges, etc.
  • Preserve historical business information for easy retrieval and analysis.
  • Improve the quality of your reporting and analysis system by identifying and resolving inconsistencies in the data.
  • Work in conjunction and enhance the value of operational business application, notably customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Get a robust ETL system that is well-controlled and efficiently moves data from different applications to the data warehouse.


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